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  • World leading RF PCBs

    Providing connection under the most demanding conditions

    As a world leader in microwave and radio frequency PCBs, Trackwise boards are used globally across a wide range of market sectors and applications across the RF spectrum.

    Our specialist knowledge of RF substrates and associated manufacturing processes help Trackwise convert your ideas and designs into cost efficient, reliable and high performing RF printed circuit boards.

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  • Antenna Printed Circuit Boards

    Advanced low PIM antenna PCBs

    The PCB is a small part of the total antenna cost, but a large proportion of its performance.

    Drawing upon Trackwise’ long experience and expertise in the production of antenna printed circuit boards many of the world’s leading antenna manufacturers rely on our advanced and low PIM PCBs in their technology.

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  • Improved Harness Technology™

    The World’s Largest Flexible Multilayer PCBs

    A recent process innovation has extended Trackwise’ capability to the manufacture of flexible multilayer printed circuit boards of any length, more than 8m/300 inches in length, making these the world’s largest flexible multilayer PCBs.

    In high value, mass-critical applications boards of such length can offer significant benefits particularly in terms of space, and up to 75% weight saving.

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Our Service

At Trackwise, we believe the best results stem from collaboration. So, we’ll work closely with you from the outset to turn your ideas and designs into high performing and best value printed circuit boards.

The key to this approach lies in concurrent engineering. We will work with you on multiple fronts to reduce time, cut costs, to improve yield and supply reliability. We continually innovate to ensure you benefit from the most advanced products available.

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