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Wrapsense - hydrocarbon leak detection

There are many reasons why the detection of leaks in the oil & gas and aerospace industries is important;  safety, financial and environmental to name but a few. Trackwise is excited to be working alongside both TWI and Direct-C with our patented Improved Harness technology™ (IHT) and providing material consultation to help research, develop and validate new technologies for hydrocarbon leakage detection.

With WrapSense technology, IHT enables a constant monitoring of an entire pipeline through electrical resistance, allowing for real time reporting of any changes in this resistance.  Change would indicate a leak in the pipe as the nano-composite coating can detect liquid hydrocarbons in even small concentrations.

The next stage of this project is to perform a large-scale, 6-month trial where the sensors will be assessed in various controlled, and not so controlled, situations.  One section will be exposed to extremes of temperature, another will be enclosed in a moisture-controlled environment whilst the remainder of the pipe will remain outside to deal with whatever mother nature chooses to throw at it.

For more information on how Trackwise’ IHT can help with any of your projects, please contact us, or read more about the initial tests, set ups and results.