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Trackwise has extended its PIM (Passive Intermodulation) expertise with the purchase of Rosenberger multi frequency PIM testing equipment.

Installed in-house at its manufacturing facility in Tewkesbury, the equipment includes a Rosenberger IM-00722-BB, 2013, IA-085, rack mounted passive intermodulation analyzer control unit (RX range 698-2200 MHz; TX range 698-2200 MHz) and a Rosenberger PCS AWS 1900, 2012, A1603, rack mounted passive intermodulation analyzer filter unit; range 1900 MHz.

Trackwise has invested many hours into testing and developing a deep understanding of the very fine design and manufacturing parameters that can affect the PIM performance of antenna PCBs. As PIM levels of -115 dBm/-158 dBc and lower, are increasingly becoming a necessary performance requirement of today’s RF components, investment in this latest test equipment will help to ensure that Trackwise remains at the forefront of producing PIM compliant antenna PCBs.