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Please find below material list that we have excess stock and would be happy to do a deal over.

AR1000-062-1/1 (Dk 10.00)
Material details

NX9300ST0787R1R1 (Dk 3.00)
NH9338ST0813RHRH (Dk 3.38)
NY9233ST1575R1R1 (Dk 2.33)
NY9220ST0762CH/CH (Dk 2.20)
Material details

Duroid 5880-010/H/H (Dk 2.20)
Material details

TLC30-062-C1/C1 (Dk 3.00)
TLC32-062-CL1/CL1 (Dk 3.20)
TLP5-062-CL1/CL1 (Dk 2.20)
Material details

Have you a new design that would benefit using these laminates?

Do you have an existing design that you are looking at saving costs?

Please contact Philip Johnston or Conrad Bailey for more information.