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Trackwise are pleased to announce that in cooperation with Exeter University they have been successful in their application for UK Government funding to advance their development of recycled PTFE laminate.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships enable private and public sector research organisations to apply their research knowledge to important business problems.

Philip Johnston said:

“Trackwise are delighted to receive this important boost to our plans to bring a recycled PTFE laminate to market. This is an important development for the company and for our market sector at a time when both product pricing and product environmental impact are important factors when choosing a raw material and/or supplier.

Trackwise are delighted to be working with the University of Exeter; within the School of Engineering, Computer Science and Maths is Exeter Advanced Technologies – X-AT – the largest material research centre in the South West.

There are important synergies with existing research programmes such as a current project which investigates the recycling of plastic bumpers for the automotive industry.”

Recycled PTFE laminate is covered by International Patent Application WO 2006/056778.