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Trackwise is proud to have developed and delivered to The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of University of Manchester two prototype Mid-frequency Aperture Arrays for the Square Kilometre Array.

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is a major international project to build the next generation radio telescope. The project is currently in the design phase for SKA phase 1. The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of University of Manchester (UoM) is a member of Mid-Frequency Aperture Array (MFAA) consortium and is leading developments of Front-End Design technologies by collaborating with other institutions. The work is mainly concerned with fully integrated Front-Ends including array antennas and associated LNAs, operating between 500MHz and 1500MHz.

The major objectives of the MFAA Consortium are to prove the technological maturity of the Mid-Frequency Aperture Array technology, and to evaluate different concepts of front-end technology that can serve to assist in the preliminary design of the MFAA. When a concept is selected, it will then be taken further in SKA phase 2 and currently it belongs to Advanced Instrumentation Programme.

The contract with Trackwise was for manufacturing two finite array antenna prototypes (square and triangular array) including pre-production mechanical and thermal design resulting in an integrated front-end panel, based on an array antenna design done by UoM and LNA design by Obs. de Paris, located in Nancay, France.

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