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A paper on the phenomenon of passive intermodulation (PIM) that causes signal distortion and increased noise levels, and limits the efficiency of communications systems has won the prestigious IEEE 2010 Microwave Prize for North Carolina State University and Queen’s University Belfast’s Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology.

The award winning paper, entitled Electro-Thermal Theory of Intermodulation Distortion in Lossy Microwave Components, has resulted from the work performed by the North Carolina State University group led by Prof. M. Steer.  The related study into the mechanisms of PIM generation in printed circuit boards (PCBs) and passive microwave components had been carried out in parallel by researchers from ECIT’s High Frequency Electronics Circuits Group in the framework of a recently completed three-year EPSRC funded project.

Trackwise are delighted to have support this award winning work; Alex Schuchinsky was kind enough to say to Trackwise “This prize would be impossible without your ongoing help and support.”