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Home » Trackwise announces grant of UK patent for flexible multilayer PCB manufacture

Trackwise is delighted to announce that the UK Patent Office has issued UK patent 2498994 covering a manufacturing process innovation which enables the manufacture of flexible multilayer printed circuit boards of unlimited length.

Trackwise is marketing the application of this innovation as ‘Improved Harness Technology’. In high-value, mass-critical applications, boards of such length can be used as an alternative to traditional wiring harnesses, offering significant benefits particularly in terms of reliability, repeatability, installation times and moreover in the reduction of space and weight – up to 75% saving.

“We are delighted to have secured our IP on this breakthrough process which we are confident will open new opportunities for the application of flexible multilayer PCBs” commented Trackwise Managing Director, Philip Johnston. “By effectively removing length limitations and the requirement for intermediate connections representing additional weight, cost and complexity as well as a source of potential unreliability, the proven benefits of multilayer flex PCBs currently enjoyed primarily at unit level can now be realised at subsystem and system level.”

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Improved Harness Technology