Products using printed circuit technology

Providing connection under the most demanding conditions


Over the years we have tackled virtually every kind of RF PCB challenge, for land and sea, air and space applications. Whether for VHF frequencies or K band, a one-off prototype or production roll-out, on PTFE, FR4 or flex, we bring the same high levels of performance, reliability and cost efficiency.

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RF and Antenna Printed Circuit Boards

Advanced low PIM antenna PCBs


Many of the world’s leading manufacturers rely on Trackwise boards and they are used globally across a wide range of market sectors and applications.

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Improved Harness Technology™

Less weight, less space, more reliable, faster installation


A patented process innovation has extended Trackwise’ capability to the manufacture of flexible multilayer PCBs of any length, more than 8m/300 inches

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Trackwise Designs Plc

Trackwise manufactures to customer specification, specialist products using printed circuit technology. Working across two primary divisions, Radio Frequency (RF) and Improved Harness Technology™ (IHT), our specialist circuits are used globally in RF/antenna and lightweight interconnect products, across multiple market sectors and applications.


Large format capability

Multilayer flex of unlimited length, flex/rigid NPTH up to 2.8m

PIM compliant PCBs

with in house test facilities

High precision PCBs

imaging and etching down to 10 microns, flex track and gap down to 15 microns

Special Substrates

85% of PCBs manufactured on specialist materials including PTFE, PEEK, PI, Kapton

Comprehensive stock levels

allowing for reduced lead times

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White Papers

Access our white papers which can be downloaded in PDF format

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Case Study

Cellular networks infrastructure antennas

Since 1996 we have been manufacturing PCBs for infrastructure antennas for cellular telephone networks and our products are in operation across the world.

In 1996 we were asked to manufacture a nine foot long PCB, one of the early GSM900 base station antennas and since 1999 have focused solely upon the provision of a specialist PCB manufacturing service for the worlds antenna community. As mobile technology has developed to 2G/3G and now 4G, we have also continued to develop our own manufacturing technology to keep pace with the requirements of the industry.

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RF conditioning products

Trackwise offers customers the professional experience of many years of service to the RF industry while remaining on the cutting edge of wireless developments. We manufacture RF PCBs for RF Conditioning products such as combiners, co-location filters, duplexers and diplexers.

Interferences are likely to exist when RF base stations are co-located, thereby degrading their system performances and increasing dropped calls.

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Case Study

Improved Harness Technology™

A recent process innovation has extended Trackwise’ capability to the manufacture of flexible multilayer printed circuit boards of any length, more than 8m/300 inches in length, making these the world’s largest flexible multilayer PCBs. The use of flexible multilayer PCBs can generate up to 75% weight saving as compared to traditional wiring harnesses. In high value, mass-critical applications such as space systems this represents a significant opportunity to improve system performance.

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