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See below a list of latest laminates that have been released over the past month…

RO4730 LoPro
RO4730 LoPro laminate materials combine low-loss dielectric with low-profile copper foil for reduced passive intermodulation (PIM) and low insertion loss.


RO3730 series
Introducing RO3730™ antenna grade laminates – our newest antenna material offering low PIM and lower cost for high volume applications.


CLP Industries ltd
Antenna Grade Laminate, UL-94 rated New RF&MW Laminate Based on Low Loss Dielectric.
CLP #3 is based on CLP’s established and patented lamination technology.
CLP #3 is continuously laminated using proprietary blends of polypropylene resins.
CLP #3 is an FR grade with outstanding performance and copper peel strength.
CLP #3 is Lead Free processing and RoHS compatible

TRF-41, TRF-43, TRF-45 High Performance Laminates

TRF-41, TRF-43, and TRF-45 are suitable as a low loss alternative to FR-4 materials.

These high performance laminates are available in a variety of thicknesses with various weights of copper cladding to meet specific application requirements.


RF-35A2 RF & Microwave Laminate
Taconic’s superior coating capabilities have enabled them to produce RF-35A2, which offers distinct performance advantages.
It has all of the benefits that you have come to expect from the RF-35 product line, including excellent copper peel strength for rework and reliability and low moisture absorption for fewer bakes and lower cost during processing.


Mercurywave™ 9350 Laminate

Mercurywave™ 9350, which has a controlled dielectric constant of 3.5, is available in both copper-clad laminate and prepreg product forms.

Park offers Mercurywave™ 9350 copper-clad laminates in a wide array of thicknesses, including thin core and industry standard thicknesses of .020 and .030 inches. Mercurywave™ 9350 is lead-free assembly compatible and RoHS compliant. Mercurywave™ 9350 is well suited to RF and Microwave applications such as Broadband Communications, WiFi/WiMax and RFID, as well as Power Amplifier, Filter, Combiner, Radar and Guidance devices.