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Trackwise have lead the introduction of a vendor suite arrangement at Jaybeam Wireless’ facility in Wellingborough UK www.jaybeamwireless.comwhereby Trackwise and other key suppliers have set up an office and store within the Jaybeam Wireless facility and deliver product on a JIT basis against a shared build schedule.

This new method of working is a reflection of the close relationship between the two companies and is designed to allow both parties resources to be focused on removing cost from the product rather than on overheads associated with a traditional customer/supplier relationship.

Steve Roberts said (Managing Director) “The move to vendor suites is a major strategic move for Jaybeam that will eventually involve all of our major suppliers. Under this initiative vendors are required to set their own orders, manufacture to meet our schedule and deliver to their own warehouse within Jaybeam’s premises. Change of this nature requires trust and partnership; Jaybeam Wireless is delighted that Trackwise led our vendors in making this leap and with complete success”

If you would like to find out how Trackwise could work with your company in a positive and progressive manner to reduce waste, please do not hesitate to contact us.